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Welcome to Options 2024

The exciting time has arrived where Year 9 pupils consider their next steps in their academy life and select their option choices for Key Stage 4 study. This is an important time for pupils and parents/carers as students begin to really consider what their future holds and the subjects that will best assist them reach their potential. We sincerely hope you enjoy the process of learning about the different courses and subjects we offer as well as having conversations about the future – including further education choices and possible employment routes.

We aim to ensure that the information and guidance provided will support your child through the options process. It is important that each pupil, with support from their parents/carers, understands their own strengths so that they can optimise their chances of success.

What do you need to do? 

  • Review all the information on this webpage including the information about each subject ensuring you have a clear understanding of what each subject involves and where it can lead.
  • Year 9 students will receive key information on the Options process during guardian time sessions.
  • Year 9 pupils should speak to their teachers and guardians in school if they have any specific questions.
  • Students and their families should attend Year 9 Parents' Evening on Thursday 14th March to further discuss option choices and understand current progress.
  • The Options Preference form will be available from Monday 18th March. Students should complete this with their parents.  This will close on Thursday 28th March.
  1. The academy will review all option choices for all pupils and confirm final choices with pupils and their parent/carer by 17th May 2023.

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Access to the Options Preference Form

Please complete the Options Preference Form by Thursday 28th March.

If you require any support, please contact Miss Milner: milner.s@whiteroseacademies.org 

More Information

What are my options?

All students will complete core curriculum of English, Maths, Science. Students will then have the opportunity to continue their studies in History or Geography (it is possible to complete both if a student wishes to, this will be shown on the options preference form). Following this, students will have the opportunity to continue Spanish, something that parents/carers and students should really consider due to great value this adds to future education, careers and life experiences – you will be able to see this further in the Spanish options page. Students will then be able to select their top preferences for the options shown on the diagram below. Options will be selected in preference order on the form to try and ensure students are able to take the options that they would really like to study.

If a student selects Spanish, they will be able to join one other option. If a student does not wish to continue with Spanish, they will be able to access two further subjects.

Academic and Vocational Qualifications

Academic subjects offer GCSE qualification. In general, subjects offering a GCSE qualification will help you develop new knowledge, skills and understanding through theory, developing your ability to use and apply your knowledge in a variety of contexts. GCSEs are assessed at the end of the 2 years through written exam and in some subjects, controlled assessments too. Vocational courses are equivalent to GCSEs but there is a greater focus on a real-world approach to learning that is more work-related and practical. They are also a good choice for pupils who wish to have a mix of assessment not just final written exams.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Key Stage 4?

Key Stage 4 begins at the start of Year 10 and is two years of study leading to GCSE or equivalent qualifications. Many pupils go on from Key Stage 4 to study further study at college providers across the city or enter into employment coupled with training. Whatever our pupils decide to do, the choices they make now are very important.

  • Why do pupils have to choose?

There is not enough time in the curriculum to enable pupils to continue studying all of their Year 9 subjects to GCSE level therefore, they must opt and reduce the number of subjects studied.

  • Why do pupils only have 3 choices out of the subjects they study in Key Stage 4?
    Some subjects are classed as core which means it is a statutory requirement to study them up to GCSE level; this includes English, Maths, Science, PE and PSHCE (studied during Guardian time). Schools are also encouraged by the Government to ensure pupils take at least one other subject from the English Baccalaureate to ensure a broad and balanced curriculum.

    What is the English Baccalaureate? This is a performance measure for schools that reports on how many pupils have achieved a good pass in 5 specific subject areas. Those subjects are as follows:

    • English
    • Maths
    • 2 Sciences (including Computer Science)
    • History or Geography
    • A foreign language
  • Does this mean subjects not included in the English Baccalaureate are less important?

Absolutely not. We value all subjects as highly as each other and are particularly proud of our high achieving practical subjects. Pupils are strongly recommended to use their options to pursue their passions and the subjects they are most interested in. The core and core options ensure pupils have a solid foundation for further study.

As part of our commitment to strong CEIAG (Careers Education, Information, Advice Guidance) at LEA we will ensure that the year Pastoral Leader, SENCO, and Senior Leadership Team work with pupils to guide them towards the right choices.

  •  Why are GCSEs graded 9-1 now instead of A*-G?

The government has reformed all GCSE and A-Level qualifications. Reformed qualifications at GCSE are now graded from 9-1 as well as being more challenging and having most of their assessment at the end of the 2-year course (see individual subject pages for more information). The new grade 9 is highly aspirational and will only be achieved by a small percentage of pupils across the country.







Please see the figure on the right to understand how the new grading system relates to the previous letter grades.

 Click here to read the parent information provided by Ofqual

  • What is a BTEC and a Technical Award?

BTECs and Technical Awards are alternative qualifications to GCSE that are equally as challenging but offer a different approach to learning. The final qualification (if passed at Level 2) is equivalent to a pass at GCSE.

  • Why is there a reserve option on the options form?

Despite our best efforts, we cannot offer an infinite combination of subjects. Sometimes, pupils’ option choices will clash and we will have to ask them to study their other option preference instead. With this thought in mind, we advise pupils to put as much thought into all their preferences and only select options they wish to study.

  • What if pupils change their mind?

We would hope this doesn’t happen! Pupils will all have received high quality guidance and input as part of IAG with the aim of reducing anxiety or questioning choices. If pupils change their mind before the end of Year 9, they should see Mrs Sharples (Vice Principal; Quality of Education).

Once the course has started, pupils will have to have a very strong reason for changing and no requests will be considered after the end of September. Again, queries should be directed to Mrs Sharples. In either case, course swaps are sometimes impossible due to timetable blocking and/or pupil numbers.

  • What about pupils who will struggle with GCSEs or equivalents?

Any pupil that has followed a bespoke curriculum at Leeds East Academy will continue to do so during Key Stage 4. We tailor our curriculum to the needs of our pupils and will speak directly with the pupils and families that this affects.

  •  How can pupils ensure they are matching their GCSEs to their chosen career?

Pupils should do as much research and take as much advice as they can. We have excellent careers advice within school and both pupils and parents can make an appointment with Miss L Brooke via the school reception.

  • What if pupils don’t know what they want to do when they leave school?

They do not need to worry about this! Our options process ensures a solid foundation for further study so we recommend that pupils focus on choosing the subjects they enjoy and do well at as that should ultimately lead to success.

  • Final suggestions for pupils to consider when making their choices:

What do I enjoy studying? What are my strengths?

What way do I learn best, and will the course suit me?

If I choose this option now, will it keep more options open for me later for further study, training or work?

  • If I have questions about the Year 9 Options?

Please email info@leedseastacademy.org.uk if you would like a call back from the academy about the Year 9 Options process.

For parents/carers to consider

Some pupils might say they like a subject but really, they believe it is an easier option. This isn’t true, all subjects will be demanding at GCSE level and pupils will have to work hard to gain a good qualification.

  • Some choose a subject to stay in the same class as friends but due to the size of our school and complex timetable, it is highly unlikely that this will happen.
  • Some pupils may be inclined to choose a subject because of the teacher but, again, due to the timetabling and potential staff changes, a specific teacher cannot be guaranteed.

Remember, GCSEs have changed a lot since your day! Your experience may be totally different to your son or daughter’s. Share your knowledge and experience but keep in mind as well that our pupils are preparing for a totally different world!