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Year 9 Options Process - Triple Science





Triple Science is an exciting, interesting academic subject that delves further into Biology, Chemistry and Physics. You will achieve 3 separate GCSEs in Biology, Chemistry and Physics as opposed to the two you would be awarded in Combined Science. Triple Science allows students to further enhance their scientific knowledge and unpick how the world and universe around them works.   

Triple Science develops critical thinking, communication, evaluation and, of course, practical skills. You will critique scientific theories such as The Big Bang Theory and The Steady State Theory whilst developing intellectual curiosity and metacognitive thinking.   

Course Details

Triple Science students will follow the Edexcel Combined Science and Separate Science specifications. The Triple Science option includes extra topics but also covers content from Combined Science in more depth.  

Additional Triple Science topics include: Astronomy, Transition Metals and Alloys, Chemical and Fuel Cells, Nanochemistry, Static Electricity and more.  

Progression beyond GCSE 

The study of Triple Science shows you to be a studious and academic individual. Having a strong grade in the separate sciences will give you the competitive edge when entering college, university and into the world of work.  

Where will the course take you? 

Separate sciences are a desirable option for any industry but are particularly sought after in STEM related careers such as medicine, engineering and particle physics.  

You will gain many transferable skills that can be applied to many different disciplines: 

  • Communication 
  • Problem Solving 
  • Meta-cognition 
  • Practical skills such as measuring, hypothesising, evaluating 
  • Justifying ideas  

Course structure and assessment


  • 100% exam based 
  • 6 exams, each is 1 hour 45 minutes and worth 50% of your overall grade: 
  • Biology 1 
  • Chemistry 1 
  • Chemistry 2 
  • Physics 1  
  • Physics 2 

Student work

Further information