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Student Voice


Student voice empowers students to express their opinions and share their experiences of the Academy. It promotes a sense of autonomy and allows students to help shape their educational experiences. Student voice assesses how safe students feel within the Academy, how students feel about the day to day running of the Academy and what enrichment experiences are on offer for students. The student voice process is embedded into guardian time.​

How does it work?

Each cycle will see the whole LEA cohort completing a student voice activity. After this, a student focus group and an action plan which will be shared on our website to let you know how students feel about Leeds East Academy and how we are continuously working on improving. Please look out for our first action plan which will be uploaded by 7th November!​

Implementation Dates 2022-2023

Cycle 1- Settling in

  • Voice Activity 03/10/2022​
  • Student Focus Group 17/10/2022​
  • Action Plan 31/10/2022​

Cycle 2- Mid Year Check in

  • Voice Activity 23/01/2023​
  • Student Focus Group 06/02/2023​
  • Action Plan 20/02/2023​

Cycle 3- The LEA Experience:

  • Voice Activity 08/05/2023​
  • Student Focus Group 22/05/2023​
  • Action Plan 05/06/2023​

Safeguarding focus

Each student voice activity will have the same safeguarding element attached. This is to consistently ensure that the Academy provision is safe, secure and minimises the risk of peer-on-peer abuse and sexual harassment. In additional to the three student voice cycles that will take place throughout the academic year, there will be three additional safeguarding focus groups which will take place. In each focus group students will be given a map of the Academy and will identity any hot spot areas. Staff will adjust duties and staff presence in these areas as a result of this activity. This will further support a culture of vigilance around the Academy. The dates of the additional safeguarding focus groups will be: 

  • WC 5/12/2023
  • WC 20/03/2023
  • WC 03/07/2023

Action Plan

We are delighted to share details of our Student Voice Action Plan, following consultation with our young people. Click here to learn more!

Please find the second action plan for this academic year here.