Leeds East Academy


Social Action

Delivering social action in schools is vital as it enriches the learning experience as well as empowers communities, helps local & global issues, and improves confidence in the students that take part.

Allowing students to lead on social action develops leadership and teamwork skills, as well develops a social conscious which will create cohesive citizens within the community.

Community Transformation Leaders

This project involves a team of students working within the local community to help make a difference.

Students tackle issues such as litter, graffiti, social isolation, speeding and unsafe parking. Working alongside local groups, the council, and other initiatives the group strive to create change and make their community a better place.

 The team have recently been awarded with a grant from The Queen Commonwealth Trust so they can raise awareness and tackle the local problem of litter with a project called, Litter Monster. The group will visit local primary schools and deliver the project which will include activities such as a litter pick, an Arts & Crafts session, and an awareness assembly. This will not only develop the students’ leadership skills but will change habits of a lifetime and hopefully tackle the problem for the future.

Road Safety Campaign:

The team carried out a data collection exercise on the road outside of school so they had data highlighting the issues of unsafe parking and speeding along South Parkway. Once analysing their findings they wrote a letter to Leeds East MP, Richard Burgon. He then responded positively with words of support and came to chat with the team about what can be done. The team are continuing to work on this campaign backed by local councillors and we are looking forward to see what the outcome will be for our local community.


All students at LEA follow a social action program so they are aware of the different issues both locally and globally. These issues are guided by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals as well as being inspired by WE.org.

Last term, students carried out a project called WE SCARE HUNGER.

During tutorial time, they looked at the global hunger crisis, particularly in Africa and discussed why their food supply is not a secure one. They also looked at the need for food banks locally and why the people in the Leeds area also struggle. After reflecting on the problems, the pupils then act on the problem and helped the local community by holding a Reverse Advent Calendar. This meant that LEA provided the local community with hundreds of tins which were sent out over the festive period.


Past Events

WE WON’T REST saw the pupils look at homelessness and the local crisis of young people living on the streets and/or sofa surfing. Students then helped prepare gift boxes full of essentials to give out to local homeless people. Students took action by carrying out a sponsored sleepover at the Academy where they took part in awareness activities such as building shelters from newspaper so they could experience discomfort.

Tackling Fuel Poverty

A group of pupils from our student leadership have launched a sustainable shop to help change the habits of our young people. The
Resilience Integrity Trust Ambition shop offers environmentally friendly products such as reusable water bottles, pens made from paper and recycled pencils. The shop also offers vegan friendly products such as natural bath bombs, re-usable make up wipes and sweets. To fight zero waste the pupils make products from upcycled items such as candles in jars, jewellery made from plastic bottles. The profits from the shop will then impact the local elderly as it will help combat fuel poverty by purchasing scarves, hats and blankets.