Leeds East Academy


Social Action

This year, LEA has focused on developing our students’ engagement with social action and being well-rounded, positive citizens with the launch of the new core values. LEA has placed a special emphasis on embodying the values of Resilience, Integrity, Trust, and Ambition. Every half term, students at LEA take part in a self-reflection cycle during Guardian time using the core values framework. By the end of half term 5, our students have self-assessed against all four the core values, with the following percentage of students assessing themselves as develop-self or above:

Resilience: 89.1%

Integrity: 90%

Trust: 87.6%

Ambition: 81.8%

The parents and families of LEA students have had the opportunity to celebrate this success to attend the LEA Core Values celebration event to highlight the amazing work of their young people.

Education and Economy

LEA arranged a question-and-answer session for the school’s Student Parliament with their local MP, Richard Burgon, during which they discussed their manifestos, petitions, and other important issues. LEA also contributed to ‘Education and Economy’ by adopting a global approach; organising an Austrian pen pal for students at the school. LEA’s Year 9 cohort took part in a workshop by Odd Arts on radicalisation before watching a theatrical performance. They also prioritised ‘Education and Economy’ by taking part in a careers event which promoted careers in the green sector with Ahead Partnership and Leeds City Council, which took place at the same time as COP26.

Partnerships and Community

Our Engage event which took place on Tuesday 9th November was a huge success, bringing together families, students, teachers, and representatives from the local communities for a wonderful evening. Representatives from Climate Action Seacroft, Gipton Together, Leeds United, Teen Connect, and Stronger Families, as well as many more, were present. LEA also created a Reverse Advent Calendar in order to give back to the local community. The idea was to donate an item such as a tin of peas or a tin of potatoes every day in the run up to Christmas. These items were to be donated to the local foodbank during the festive period. They also fundraised for Children in Need, by adding Pudsey merchandise to uniforms, a staff vs student bake off, and stalls during breaks and lunches. LEA also collected donations for both the Hamara and Vulnerable Citizen Support’s food banks. Leeds East Academy finished the year with a Christmas Secret Santa in which staff purchased gifts for vulnerable students.

From HT4 in 2022, LEA has welcomed the Rugul Aprins Pentacostal congregation into the academy to host their weekly gatherings whilst their site is being renovated. It has been a privilege to host this incredibly valued part of the academy community, with many of LEA’s students and parents attending every week. LEA staff have also attended several meetings on a Sunday, developing strong relationships and shared values.  

In HT5, LEA held their first Eid party celebration, with over 100 students attending an after school part to celebrate experience the different teaching and culture centred around Eid.

Students gained further understanding of different cultures and identities and share these experiences with others. Students also developed tolerance and develop further awareness of how the core values of LEA are pertinent to everyday life and culture.

Students were taught about the origins of Eid, enjoyed some traditional food and even took part in a communal Bollywood dance! LEA had the privilege of welcoming Counsellor Asghar Khan, the Lord Mayor of Leeds, to the event and to share this amazing experience. LEA students showed great integrity and understanding of the diverse nature of the community.

Environment and Sustainability

The students at East even came second in Goldsmiths Co’s Community Final, winning a silver medal and £1,000 towards their Edible Garden project which aims to improve the school’s ‘Environment and Sustainability’ policy.