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Pupil Premium Case Studies

Behaviour Modification Case Studies

Case Study A

High ability male. Leeds East Academy supported his inquisitive nature and student A developed a love of learning.  Student A attended all Study+ sessions provided.

Maths                                                Grade 9

Physics and Biology                         Grade 8

Chemistry and Geography            Grade 7

Statistics                                             Grade A

English Language and Literature   Grade 6


Case Study B

High ability female - 99% attendance.

Maths                                                                              Grade 8

English Language, Literature, History & Citizenship   Grade 7

Statistics                                                                          Grade A

Biology, Physics, Geography and Spanish                 Grade 6

Case Study C

Middle ability EAL female - 99% attendance. Student C struggled with confidence and wanted to give up at a number of points throughout the year but used the support and Study+ sessions provided by staff.

Graphics                                                                    Grade 9

History                                                                        Grade 8

Maths                                                                         Grade 7

ESOL Certificate                                                        Grade A

English Language , Literature and Citizenship       Grade 6 

Exceeded predictions in Graphics, History and Mathematics.

Student D

Low ability EAL male -100% attendance. Student D consistently applied himself in every lesson throughout his time at Leeds East Academy. He attended all additional sessions provided, including Study+ and holiday revision. Student D worked exceedingly hard to revise for his exams. 

Student D exceeded his target in all subjects. Student D achieved on average two grades higher in each subject than other students nationally with the same starting point.

Student E

Low ability SEN male.

Student E exceeded his target in all subjects and achieved on average two grades higher in each subject than other students nationally with the same starting point.

He attended Study+ sessions and use revision guides provided by school to support independent learning.

Student E attained Grade 6’s in Maths and Science.

Student F

Middle ability EAL female – 100% attendance with perfect punctuality. She showed ambition and excellence every day.  Student F was persistent in her desire to achieve and made the most of all opportunities offered at Leeds East Academy. 

Photography and Graphics                        Grade 7

History                                                            Grade 6

English, Maths and Science                        Grade 5

Exceeded targets in Graphics, Photography, History, Maths and Science.

Year 11 Case studies: Diminishing the gap 


Student A

Student A is an EAL pupil who arrived at Leeds East Academy with impressive KS2 levels making him a high ability student. This individual maintained an excellent attendance (99.1%) during his school years as well as being ever present at his Study Plus and Session 6 periods during KS4, which gave him the platform to develop his knowledge prior to his exams commencing. Student A achieved excellent results particularly excelling in Maths, Physics and Chemistry. In Maths he gained a Grade 8, surpassing his Grade 7 Predicted Target. In both Physics and Chemistry this pupil was predicted a B Grade but his hard work was paid off when gaining him two A grades in both of these subjects. Significantly reducing the class sizes for Year 11 lessons last year has had an extremely positive impact to this students end results especially in his core subjects as evidenced by the results above.


Student B

Student B is a middle ability SEN pupil who finished her time at Leeds East Academy with an attendance percentage of 97.7%. This student greatly benefitted from the smaller class sizes across all of her subjects in Year 11, which helped her to overcome the SEN barriers she faced. Across the board she made excellent progress highlighted by the fact she exceeded her Year 11 DC2 Grade in 8 subjects. This shows her level of excellence and preparation she applied to her Exams by attending every session 6 and her study plus sessions alike.


Student C

Student C is a low ability EAL student who initially struggled with life at Leeds East Academy. During his Key Stage 3 years this student had a history of poor behaviour and a lack of motivation towards his academic achievements. Lots of hard work by his teachers in lessons and in study plus/intervention sessions helped him to gain focus on the importance of hard work and resilience. Over time Student C changed his perception towards school and became a model student and a mentor to younger students who struggled to initially connect with school life. This pupil went on to achieve incredible amounts of progress culminating in him making progress against his Year 11 DC 2 data in 60% of his subjects and achieving the predictions in the other 40%. This resulted in him achieving two grades higher than the national average for someone of his ability level.