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Prevent Agenda

Staff are trained to identify children who may be at risk of radicalisation and understand the procedures to follow if a young person is identified as vulnerable and may be drawn into terrorism. The training will be updated as and when is needed to ensure staff feel fully equipped to deal with any issues that may arise. Specific assemblies are delivered to all students by fully trained outside agencies to raise awareness and develop the knowledge of this current national and global issue.

The Prevent Agenda has been added to Values Curriculum and will be delivered as part of the coaching to promote discussion and debate on current issues in modern society. Citizenship days will also have specific topics embedded and delivered under the relevant themes.

Students from a wide range of ethnic backgrounds are regularly involved in the White Rose Academies’ wider Prevent strategy, where we work closely with Connect Justice to prevent extremism and radicalisation from extremist organisations, by aiming to create a trusting environment for our young people.

In our academy, we regularly invite external speakers to discuss the Prevent strategy in assemblies and staff receive training on the importance of remaining vigilant and the responsibility of staff to play a vital role in protecting students from the risk of extremism and radicalisation as part of their safeguarding induction training.

The Prevent Agenda In Action 

Prevent Agenda - Whole School Assembly  Connect Justice - Whole Trust
12-Week Workshop Session
Religion, Terrorism and Stereotyping - Visiting Speaker

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