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Pupil Premium 



The school spends pupil premium funding judiciously on a range of interventions to accelerate the progress of disadvantaged pupils. Leaders now monitor this use of this funding well and the attendance of disadvantaged pupils, although still too low, is improving markedly. Their progress is also improving steadily.

 OFSTED 2019

Leaders make effective use of additional funding for SEND, the pupil premium and Year 7 catch-up funding. Pupils with SEND, for example, were positive in their discussions with inspectors about the range of supportive actions leaders have taken to help them, such as the ‘sun room’ and the use of different therapies, such as music. Leaders have also supported the least skilled readers who join the school in Year 7, so that their reading ability improves quickly. Leaders’ use of pupil premium funding includes effective support for pupils who join the school from other countries, often with little or no English.


The Pupil Premium is additional funding from the government and is targeted to support students who require extra intervention to enable them to achieve their full potential.

The Pupil Premium for is allocated to schools and academies with students on roll that are known to have been eligible for Free School Meals at any time in the last six years (FSM6); Children who are Looked After (CLA); and those of Service Personnel.

It is for schools to decide how the additional funding is spent, provided it is used to close the gap between the achievement of students who receive the Pupil Premium and their peers. 

Pupil Premium Grant 2021/22:

Total number of students on roll (as of September 2020) = 1012

Total number of students eligible for Pupil Premium funding = 586

Total amount of Pupil Premium Grant received = £540,672

Pupil Premium Grant 2020/21:

Total number of students on roll (as of September 2020) = 978

Total number of students eligible for Pupil Premium funding = 584 

Total amount of Pupil Premium Grant received = £524,773

Pupil Premium Grant 2019/20:

Total number of students on roll (as of September 2019) = 934

Total number of students eligible for Pupil Premium funding = 559

Total amount of Pupil Premium Grant received = £522,665

Pupil Premium Pathways

To effectively and fully utilise the pupil premium funding that Leeds East Academy receives, the academy has developed ‘Pupil Premium Pathways’. These pathways breakdown the Pupil Premium cohort into four sub-categories to ensure all Pupil Premium learners are not looked at as one homogenous group and enabling colleagues to further differentiate to the needs of these learners. Factors including deprivation indicators, behaviour and attendance inform the banding. Historical data enables the academy to pro-actively plan the bespoke intervention learners receive alongside the allocation of resources to ensure that each individual receives the level of support that will enable them to be successful.

LEA Principles

  • At LEA our first and main focus in tackling underperformance of disadvantaged students is to ensure that all learners are taught by good or better teachers to ensure our students make exceptional rates of progress.

  • All members of staff and governors are committed to meeting the pastoral, social and academic needs of every student irrespective of background.

  • We ensure appropriate provision and teaching and learning opportunities meets the needs of all our students, regardless of background or educational need, and aim to ensure the highest possible attainment for every student.

  • Sometimes additional intervention (pastoral, social and academic) is needed to ensure the performance gap is closed between different groups of students; data is carefully analysed to ensure intervention is carefully focused where it is most needed.

  • In making provision for socially disadvantaged students, we recognise that not all our students who are, or have been in the receipt of Free School Meals will be socially disadvantaged.

  • We recognise that not all students who are socially disadvantaged have been registered for Free School Meals. Wherever possible these students will also benefit from the additional funding for Pupil Premium students.

  • The support put in place for pupils is designed to meet their individual needs. Some support maybe temporary; some will stay in place for longer. Interventions are monitored and reviewed regularly to ensure the maximum impact. No single intervention will provide a complete solution to a child’s needs. Consequently, our approaches have many elements and are based on the specific and individualised needs of the students within our school community. This provides the best opportunity for all pupils to succeed.

  • The Local Accountability Board will approve any Pupil Premium spending and review the impact of any spending.

The Impact of the Pupil Premium

The impact of intervention for the Pupil Premium students will be reported to and monitored by the Local Accountability Board and academy leaders. The downloadable document shows the impact and intended impact that Pupil Premium-funded activities are expected to deliver over the next three years.


Pupil Premium Strategy 2021 - 22