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Behaviour and Safety

“During the inspection, pupils’ behaviour was impeccable. To a large extent, this is founded on mutually respectful relationships which have been established between staff and students” – Ofsted April 19 

At Leeds East Academy we strive to ensure that our students are not only taught exceptionally well in the classroom but are also taught the softer skills and personal values that will enable them to go out into the world and be successful, purposeful and happy citizens.  

We are committed to providing the best possible learning experience for all our students and believe that high standards of behaviour are fundamental to students taking full advantage of their learning opportunities and achieving their full potential. Good behaviour in the classroom is also essential for good teaching and learning to take place and we see parent/carers as important partners in upholding our core values and encouraging positive attitudes to learning.

To view our Behaviour and Safeguarding policies, please visit our Policies page. 

“…the observed behaviour of pupils was very strong…” – Ofsted April 19 



In line with our positive behaviour policy, we want to recognise and reward our students who make the right choices. This is to further incentivise and support students in making the right choice and highlights how our students can embody the core values of our academy. By empowering our students who continuously show they are following our positive behaviour policy we, can further improve the student experience at Leeds East Academy. We want to ensure that we have an attractive rewards offer which ranges from daily recognition for doing the right thing, to large scale events, which celebrate students who relentlessly show their resilience and integrity throughout the academy.

Reasons for receiving Reward and Recognition

At Leeds East Academy we believe that there are many reasons why a student should be recognised for getting it right. We want students to be motivated by the intrinsic value of being the best version of themselves each day and feel committed to continuously developing their character to be the best version of themselves.

Living by the Core Values: Students will be recognised for living by the core values of the academy. Each time a student shows a positive behaviour, they will receive a reward point.

Having Exceptional Attendance: Excellent attendance is at the heart of everything we do at Leeds East. We want to celebrate and praise exceptional attendance, as well as improved attendance.

Having a good attitude to learning: By consistently showing a good attitude to learning, students are empowering themselves to access the best educational experiences.

Being a model student: We want to give regular recognition to students who get it right all the time. These students deserve to be showcased so that others can follow their example.

Overcoming adversity: We recognise the challenges our young people face, and want to recognise our students having the resilience to overcome their difficulties and continue to partake in academy life.

Improving behaviour and attendance: At Leeds East Academy we want to support students in reflecting and reforming their behaviour. We believe that everyone should have the chance to be the best version of themselves.

Core Values Points

As part of our consistent approach in regularly recognising our students embodying the core values, students will be rewarded for showing their resilience, integrity, trust and ambition. Students will have the opportunity to be rewarded for showing these attributes around the academy and in their lessons. The following list of behaviours are what we would typically expect to see for a student to be given a core values reward point.


Every department will send postcards home every week to students across all year groups who have consistently shown that they are following ALERT, living by the core values of the academy or who have completed exceptional work that week.

Student of the Week

Each week the KS3 and KS4 leader will send nominations to the principal who will decide one student to receive the student of the week award. This student will feature on the Academy social media and will receive a certificate from the principal.

SLT Text Messages

Each member of SLT will send a text message to at least 1 student per week congratulating them on their conduct in the academy that week.

Monthly CEO Award

This prestigious reward recognises outstanding achievement, either within the academy or the community.

A Student of the Month is nominated by each Academy Principal.  Nominated students are issued a certificate and the CEO selects the CEO’s Student of the Month from these nominations.  Students who are nominated for the CEO’s Student of the Month are rewarded with 50 reward points, which are then added to their account.  The CEO’s Student of the Month will receive a special prize, in recognition of their achievement.

Half Termly Celebration Assemblies

Each half term there is a special recognition assembly for each year group. The assembly has ‘exceptional’  nominations from all curriculum areas, the pastoral team and the SLT team During this assembly, there will be a random rewards element, where all students who have had 100% attendance and no PB consequences will be added to a draw for prizes.

As part of recognising student effort and positive attitudes to learning, every curriculum area nominates an ‘exceptional’ student and a student who has ‘improved’ the most throughout the half term. Guardians also nominate one student from their Guardian group every half term, recognising positive attitudes and contributions to academy life at Leeds East. All students are recognised within the assembly and receive small prizes as a ‘well done’ for their amazing efforts. House leaders also nominate students every half term, providing a holistic view of positive contributions towards academy life.

Termly Golden Ticket Reward

Each term students work towards a Golden Ticket Reward (Levels 1-5) based on their termly Attendance and Attitude to Learning grades. Examples of golden ticket rewards are:

Level 1 – Donuts at break

Level 2 – Pizza and Donuts at lunch

Level 3 – Cinema Afternoon in school

Level 4 -  Bowling

Level 5 – Alton Towers

Each term the levels are reset, to allow every student the opportunity to achieve and maintain the highest levels (Level 5).

Core Values Ceremonies

As outlined, we place a huge emphasis on our core values at Leeds East Academy, and they are the centre of everything we do. Every half term, students explore the attributes of each of our core values during Guardian time and often in curriculum areas. At the end of each half term, students self-assess themselves against our core values framework using behaviour and attendance data. Students who score the highest are then invited to our half termly core values ceremonies to recognise their ‘elite’ and exceptional contributions

Rewards Cabinet

The rewards cabinet is a fantastic opportunity for our students to utilise their reward stamps to treat themselves to something special. Students acquire reward points via Arbor from all staff for making exceptional contributions in lessons, making excellent progress and demonstrating our four core values both in lessons and around the academy. The rewards cabinet is stocked with a wealth of different items to purchase, from stationary to toiletries, as well as larger items that students can ‘save up for’ throughout the year. We strongly believe in student voice and so we ensure that that reward shop is stocked with items that students would like, ensuring that their reward is meaningful and something they can look forward to.

Click here to view our Rewards poster.

Level Criteria 2021 – 2022 Examples
Tier 5
  • 100% attendance
  • Attitude to Learning score of 1.3 or below
  • No 3’s (coasting) for Attitude to Learning
  • No negative behaviour data
Theme park trip
Tier 4
  • 97%+ (Academic target)
  • Attitude to Learning score of 1.4 or below
  • No 3’s (coasting) for Attitude to Learning
  • Less than 3 negative behaviour
  • Bowling trip
  • Arcades
Tier 3
  • 95%+ (National target) attendance
  • Attitude to Learning score of 1.7 or below
  • No 3’s (coasting) for Attitude to Learning
  • Less than 5 negative behaviour
  • Film & popcorn in the hall
  • Magician
Tier 2
  • 93%+ attendance
  • Attitude to Learning score of 2 or below
  • No 3’s (coasting) for Attitude to Learning
  • Less than 7 negative behaviour
Dominos pizza at lunch
Tier 1
  • 90%+ attendance
  • Attitude to Learning score of 2 or below
  • No 3’s (coasting) for Attitude to Learning
  • Less than 7 negative behaviour
  • Doughnut at break time
  • Ice Cream

Pastoral support

At Leeds East Academy we believe the pastoral care we give our young people is exceptional. We believe that in order for our young people to thrive they must feel safe, happy, supported and cared for. This enables academic, character and moral development to take place which gives our young people the tools to reach their full potential. 

Pivotal to the pastoral care we offer at East are our Guardians and Year Managers. These adults have daily contact with our young people and are the first port of call for parents/ carers who wish to discuss their child. The Guardians role is vital in ensuring that day to day standards of equipment and uniform are met in order for our young people to be successful in their lessons. Guardian time is also an opportunity to check a young persons’ physical and emotional well-being. 

Our supportive and nurturing Guardians meet our young people every morning to ensure that they are ready for the day ahead. They also deliver a carefully planned programme of study of Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) which is carefully planned in collaboration with our four Core Values of Resilience, Integrity, Trust and Ambition. These meaningful sessions are designed to inform our young people about the wider world and prepare them to leave school as responsible and active global citizens.

Through our Guardian time and as part of our E1E offer students have the opportunity to understand British Values and explore topics which enable them to develop their understanding and respect for others.

Recently we undertook feedback surveys to from staff, parents and students to gauge the impact of PD. The feedback has been incredible. On this page you will find links to the frameworks, under which we promote these aspects of day to day student life around the Academy.

“All of the pupils who spoke to inspectors confirmed that they feel well supported and, should they be worried about anything, would be confident that a trusted adult would sort it out for them” – Oftsed April 19 

Click here to view our Positive Behaviour poster. 

What Parents said:

  • 98% agreed/strongly agreed that the academy keeps their child safe.
  • 99% agreed or strongly agreed that behaviour has improved at the academy

  • 100% agreed/strongly agreed that the academy sets high standards for behaviour.

  • 99.3% agreed/strongly agreed that teaching has been better this year.

  • 100% strongly agreed/agreed that PD has had a positive impact on behaviour.

  • 97% also agreed/strongly agreed they are happy with their child’s experience at Leeds East Academy

What Students Said:

  • 96.6% agreed/strongly agreed that PD has helped improve behaviour in lessons.

  • 96.3% agreed/strongly agreed their own behaviour has improved this year.

  • 96.5% agreed/strongly agreed that behaviour around the academy has improved.

  • 99.59% agreed/strongly agreed that they are clear about their progress and what they need to do to get better.

  • 95.14% agreed/strongly agreed that teachers always challenge low-level disruption.

  • 98.75% agreed/strongly agreed that teachers reward our good behaviour.

What Teachers Said:

  • 82% strongly agree/agree that low-level disruption is rare in my lessons.

  • 98% strongly agree/agree that PD has had a positive impact on my teaching.

  • 96% strongly agree/agree that the school leadership team are pro-active in dealing with behaviour across the Academy.

  • 98% strongly agree/agree that PD has been a success.

  •  98% strongly agree/agree that the school is moving in the right direction.