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Remote Education for Self-Isolating Students

Where individual students need to self-isolate but the majority of their peer group remains in school, the student will continue to complete learning in line with curriculum. Lessons will be set on Class Charts as per the student’s normal academy timetable. The lesson will incorporate video content (By means of teacher recording or use of the National Oak Academy) to deliver new content and worksheets will provide clear structure, guidance and expectations for what students must complete independently.  All completed learning must be submitted on Class Charts where feedback will be provided by class teachers.

We recognise that some students may not have suitable online access at home. We take the following approaches to support those students to access remote education:

  • Where we have the provision, we will provide a laptop for the isolation period.
  • Where we have the provision, we will provide devices that enable an internet connection.
  • Where the above are not available, we will provide a printed work pack which covers all subjects and runs concurrently with curriculum. In this instance, the work pack must be brought back to upon the student’s return to the academy for teacher assessment, marking and feedback.

To access the provisions above, please contact the academy on 0113 2731964 or send an e mail to info@leedseastacademy.org.uk

Online Access Issues

Please contact the academy if you have issues with accessing remote learning at home: info@leedseastacademy.org.uk or 0113 273 1964.

Guidance on Learning Platforms

Further information on the online resources we use can be found below

Microsoft Teams:

  • Students use their school email address and password to access Microsoft Teams.
  • If your child cannot log on, please contact the academy.


  • Students have received their username and password to login to GCSEPod.
  • If students add their email address to their account they can easily reset their password.
  • If your child cannot log on, please contact the academy.

Hegarty Maths:

  • Students login using their name, date of birth and password.
  • If your child has forgotten their password, they can request for it to be reset through Hegarty Maths or by contacting the academy.


  • Students login using their username and password
  • If your child has forgotten their login information, please contact the academy.

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