Leeds East Academy


Parental Engagement

We are striving to develop our relationships with our parents and we are keen to hear your views. We recognise that your views are incredibly important as we continue to drive towards being an exceptional academy. In order to ensure that parent opinions and voices are recognised and acted upon, we have created a Parent-Teacher-Partnership group, due to launch in 2022/23, to ensure that all stakeholders are informed and consulted during key moments of the academy year, from strategy planning to holding events in school.

The aim of the Parent-Teacher-Partnership will be to meet every term to discuss key areas of our development and improvement plan, as well as the day-to-day running of the academy and discuss areas of strength and improvement in all areas, from the quality of education to pastoral and behaviour areas.

We welcome the support of parents during school events such as parents evening and celebration events. We hope that the Parent-Teacher-Partnership will strengthen the communication between the academy and parents and will ensure that we are working collaboratively and as a community to secure the best outcomes for all of our young people.

Updates and Events

Core Values Ceremonies:

We place a huge emphasis on our core values at Leeds East Academy, and they are the centre of everything we do. Every half term, students explore the attributes of each of our core values during Guardian time and often in curriculum areas. At the end of each half term, students self-assess themselves against our core values framework using behaviour and attendance data. Students who score the highest are then invited to our half termly core values ceremonies to recognise their ‘elite’ and exceptional contributions. A vital part of this is the attendance of our parents, who can join us in celebrating the success of our students together. We welcome as many parents as possible to attend the ceremonies.

Engage Events:

As part of our strive to develop parental relationships, we hold a series of Engage Evenings which are centred around pupil achievements and how further support can be provided at home. A series of events will be taking place across the academic year:

Engage Evening 1: Year 11 achievement support

Engage Evening 2: Attendance drive

Engage Evening 3: HPL and family activities

Engage Evening 4: Aspirations

Engage Evening 5: Celebrating student achievement


In addition to our Engage Evenings, a number of events are calendared across the academic year to bring our whole community together. The following events will be taking place across the academy calendar:

Leeds East Academy Christmas Grotto

EID Party

Leeds East Academy Culture Day

Parent Coffee Mornings:

We offer regular parent coffee mornings and afternoons with key members of staff to support with a range of areas across the academy and at home. Parents meet with Ms Cain on a regular basis who can support with a number of areas, as well as ensuring this is a friendly and supportive network to mix with fellow parents.

 Communicating with Our School