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Our Journey to Exceptional

2021 - 2022 Strategic Priorities

Leeds East Academy has begun a journey which will see it rated as 'exceptional' within three years.

Here you can discover how we're working together as a school community to achieve a new standard of excellence in everything we do.

Leeds East Academy is a vibrant, diverse and welcoming school community, which is currently making excellent progress. As part of the White Rose Academies Trust, Leeds East Academy has set its ambition to be rated Ofsted Outstanding in the next two years. This is a challenge that both staff and students alike are determined and excited to meet. I am delighted to report we are well on our way with this journey as in our recent Ofsted inspection, the academy was judged to be good in all areas of the Ofsted framework. This is a fantastic achievement for the school and our community and we are very excited about commencing the next phase of our journey.  

Our core values of; Resilience, Integrity, Trust and Ambition are at the heart of everything we do, ensuring your child receives an excellent academic and pastoral experience. We have an extremely talented and dedicated team of staff who are completely committed to working with parents and students, in order to create an exceptional educational experience for your child. 

LEA GCSE Results Reports

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LEA Results Report 2017-18
LEA Results Report 2018-19
LEA Results Report 2019-20
LEA Results Report 2020-21

Academy Development & Improvement Plan   

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Academy Development and Improvement Plan 

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 Teaching & Learning

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Teaching & Learning Strategy Dashboard - Literacy
Teaching & Learning Strategy Dashboard - Numeracy
Unified Approach to Numeracy
Teaching & Learning Priorities 
The LEA Learning Cycle

Our New Staff

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Attendance is the keystone to securing outstanding outcomes for each and every student at Leeds East Academy. Students who demonstrate resilience in attendance benefit from better results and are also rewarded with unique opportunities. 

At Leeds East Academy we believe the home-Academy partnership is essential and will help our learners to achieve and succeed.
Research going back many years has consistently told us, not surprisingly, that parents are the most important people in their children’s lives, and that support for their children’s learning and development is crucial. Let’s work together and ensure our young people achieve and succeed.

Remember Every Day Counts - Your child’s Attendance target is 97% +

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The 4 LEA Core Values

The 4 LEA Core Values underpin our day-to-day actions and aspirations for excellence as a school community: