Leeds East Academy


Principal's Update

Joining and Expanding the 95%

During last week’s assemblies, I spoke to students about my plans for moving the Academy forward at pace over the coming days, weeks and months; I shared with students the work we have been undertaking around staff recruitment, our building expansion plans and our vision to provide iPads to all students. I also revealed our future investments to improve the learning environment by sourcing the very latest technology for teachers to use in classrooms. Towards the end of my presentation, I also talked to students about what we refer to as the 95%.

The 95% is perhaps a blunt yet straightforward way of describing the majority of students at Leeds East Academy who come to school every day, on time, in the correct uniform, ready to learn whilst following our community rules and expectations. The 95% are model citizens and ambassadors for the Academy and I am immensely proud of the work they are completing in school. My priority as Academy Principal is to ensure that we never lose sight of the 95% and ensure that the 5% who do not do adhere to our expectations do not squander the limited resources from the 95%.

As part of our positive action on the 5% of students who do not do the right thing, I have made my intentions clear to our Behaviour Leadership Team in school. The team will have my complete support in permanently excluding a child from the Academy who does not adhere to our expectations and, in any way, damages the chances of the 95% to be successful. Although this may seem like a harsh message, it is clear and wholly justified.

I am adamant that the dedicated and committed 95% will be prioritised and those who currently form part of the 5% have a very easy choice to make: Join us, and we will ensure that you are successful and achieve whatever you would like to achieve. Remain part of the 5% and your future place in the Academy cannot be guaranteed.

At the end of my assembly to Year 10 students, a spontaneous round of applause erupted in the assembly hall - something which I have never experienced before in an assembly. This was evident support from the 95% and I would like to assure all students and parents that when you work with us, I will ensure that you are successful and will leave Leeds East Academy at the end of Year 11 with the tools to achieve everything you want from life.

I wish you a relaxing weekend.

Yours faithfully,


Chris Stokes


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