Leeds East Academy


Year 8 Democracy Day

As part of this term's ever-popular CT Day, Year 8 were fully engrossed in a vibrant Democracy Day.

Democracy Day consists of each coaching group being assigned a political party with a colour to match, so that they can design and implement a political campaign. The morning sessions gave the students the chance to explore the rights and responsibilities that citizens have in the United Kingdom, in line with Spiritual and Moral aspects of the PSHE curriculum, whilst also learning and focusing on British Values.

Each political party then began their critical thinking component of the day, researching and planning creative approaches that their party would take. The English department excellently led sessions with each group individually, which enabled the parties to have excellent manifestos, speeches and video material to win the votes of their peers during the election process. This enabled students to express and explain their opinions on the changes they wanted to implement.

To further enhance their campaign the parties also visited the Art department where they received top quality training on making rosettes and banners to display to the other parties. The pupils were extremely creative in this session, with every student making excellent and colourful items that enhanced their campaign greatly.

The final aspect of their promotional campaign involved members of the parties creating a promotional video with the technology and expertise of Mr Charles. The videos were displayed prior to the parties pitching their speeches and every single group's video looked professional; sending out an excellent message and introducing the plans for their campaign.

Mr Hart, Foundation School Leader, said: "The Democracy Day steered pupils to the final session of the day that was led by myself, and involved the parties pitching their campaign to the whole year group. Eventually each party voted for the party/campaign they believed to be the best. This part of the session was such a success; Year 8 were all really enthusiastic, cheering loudly, laughing lots and acting very professionally when pitching their campaign. After all of the parties had delivered their promotional videos and speeches, the groups all voted for the winning party. This year that went to the Red Party, who were ecstatic when I revealed they had won. I would like to personally comment on how well all the pupils conducted themselves and that their enthusiasm to the topic meant for such an enjoyable day with lots of learning on Democracy and British Values."

89% of the Year 8 pupils feedback that this whole day was Good or Outstanding.