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Year 9 Options Process - Health and Social Care


If you are considering a career in the country’s largest employer - the Health and Social Care sector, then this is the right course for you. Health and Social Care is a vocational subject for students that are passionate about making a difference, can work independently, enjoy discussing current issues and are interested in progressing to a Level 3 course at college or sixth form. It give students a more focused understanding of Health and Social Care and the opportunity to develop a range of personal skills and techniques.

Course Details

At GCSE, learners will study the key aspects of health and Social care and have the opportunity to apply what they learn through a number of practical experiences.

Students will complete 3 units which enable students to explore, develop and apply their knowledge and understanding of the Health and Social Care sector: Unit 1 and 2 will be internally assessed. Students will be taught the content and then given the opportunity to complete coursework which will be graded and go towards their final GCSE grade. Unit 3 is an exam and will be externally assessed through an examination.

Component 1 (Explore) – Human lifespan development 30%

In this unit you will explore different aspects of growth and development across the life stages using the physical, intellectual, emotional and social areas of growth and development. You will also investigate different factors that can affect individuals for example you will look at how expected and unexpected life events occur in our lives and how they can affect growth and development.

Component 2 (Develop) – Health and Social Care Services and Values 30%

In this unit you will explore the variety of health and social care services that are available through the NHS and why individuals may need them. You will also explore the different barriers that can prevent and make it difficult for individuals to be able to use these services and how these barriers can be overcome. You will also complete a practical task on care values, but this section is completed in Year 11 once students complete their formal exam in February.

Component 3 (Apply) – Health and Wellbeing 40%

In this unit students will be able to apply some of their previous knowledge and understanding as well as learn new content. The exam has five themes. The first area looks at factors that can affect health and wellbeing were students can apply their knowledge from C1. The second area is new content and students will learn how to interpret health indicators, data and published guidance. This leads to the third area which looks at how to then interpret lifestyle data in relation to risks posed to our physical health. For example, the affects of consuming too much alcohol. In the fourth area students will learn how to design a health and wellbeing improvement plan for a selected individual and for the final section students are able to apply their knowledge from C2 as this area looks at how obstacles can have an impact on implementing the health and wellbeing improvement plan.

Progression beyond GCSE

Many students who choose this at GCSE level and often go to college/sixth form and progress to a Level 3 Health and Social care (equivalent to an A-Level) and then go onto pursue careers in the Health and Social Care Sector. Many students go onto completing apprenticeships in a specific field, such as, childcare and others may go onto Higher Education to develop their skills further, for example in midwifery.

Where will the course take you? 

The health route is particularly popular with students who want to work in Nursing (adult, child, learning disability and mental health), Midwifery or Occupational Therapy. 

The social route is particularly popular with students who want to work in Counselling and Psychology, Disability Studies, Art Therapy, Youth and Community Work, Social Work, Health and Social Care, Primary Teaching, Childhood Studies, Speech and Language Therapy.

There are many careers which this course can take you into such as:

  • Nurses
  • Midwifery
  • Social work
  • Social services
  • Community care
  • Allied health (Physiotherapists, occupational therapists
  • Management
  • Education
  • Health psychologist
  • And many more….. 

Course structure and assessment

Unit R032: Principles of care in health and social care settings.

In this unit you will learn about the importance of the rights of service uses, person centered values and how to apply them effective communication in health and social care settings and protecting service users and providers. This unit is assessed by an exam.

Unit R033: Supporting individuals through life events.

In this unit you will learn about growth and development through the life stages. Yo will also learn how to understand the needs of individuals who have been affected by a life event and how to recommend support to meet their needs. This unit is assessed by a set assignment.

Unit R035: Health promotion campaigns.

In this unit you will research health promotion campaigns and learn about their benefits to society. You will also plan and deliver your own health promotion campaign. The topics will include current public health issues and the impact on society, factors that influence health and being able to plan, deliver and evaluate a health promotion campaign.

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