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Year 9 Options Process - Drama




 Studying Drama will allow you to focus on developing a lifelong love of Drama, both in front of the curtain and behind. Our curriculum, will develop your imagination, foster your creativity, and provide a safe space for self-expression. The opportunities provided will enable you to flourish as confident communicators and provide a valuable toolkit for success, whatever your chosen career. 

Respect, trust, compassion, co-operation, and determination are key values within the Performing Arts department. Any student wishing to study the arts will be the physical embodiment of these values. 

Course Details

At Leeds East Academy we study OCR GCSE Drama. 

The course comprises of three components: 

  • Component 01/02: Devising Drama 

Students research and explore a stimulus, work collaboratively and create their own devised drama. They complete a portfolio of evidence during the devising process, give a final performance of their drama, and write an evaluation of their own work. Students will choose from 12 stimuli. 

  • Component 03: Presenting and Performing Texts 

Students develop and apply theatrical skills in acting or design by presenting a showcase of two extracts from a performance text. The chosen extracts must allow sufficient exploration of dialogue, plot and/or subplot, and characterisation for students to work in depth on their acting or design skills. 

  • Component 04: Drama: Performance and Response 

Students explore practically a whole performance text and demonstrate their knowledge/ understanding of how drama is developed, performed, and responded to. They also analyse and evaluate a live theatre performance. 

There are two sections: 

In section A, students' study one performance text: 

  • Missing Dan Nolan – Mark Wheeller 

In section B, students analyse and evaluate the work of others through watching live drama and theatre. Students will have multiple opportunities to see live theatre. 

Progression beyond GCSE

OCR GCSE Drama is a fantastic platform for studying drama at post 16 and is highly recognised in colleges, sixth forms and universities. 

GCSE Drama will allow you to progress to A-level drama and beyond. 

Where will the course take you?


  • Studying Drama doesn’t mean you have to be an actor! There are a huge range of jobs in the Performing Arts industry from marketing and finance to design and venue management (and many more in between!) Studying drama develops a vast array of skills including: adaptability, communication, confidence, creative thinking, design, devising, empathy for others, focus, team work and many, many more. Drama provides you with a set of life skills that can apply to any career.  

    Below are some examples of careers in drama: 

    • Performer/Actor 
    • Director 
    • Stage Manager 
    • Designer – lighting, sound, costume and set 
    • Costume Maker 
    • Prop Maker 
    • Puppet Maker 
    • Wig Maker 
    • Hair and Make-up Artist 
    • Flyperson 
    • Casting Director 
    • Drama Therapist 
    • Teacher 
    • Playwright 
    • Producer 
    • Sound Engineer 

Course structure and assessment

At Leeds East Academy we study OCR GCSE Drama. 

The course comprises of three components: 

  • Component 01/02 - Devising Drama 

This component is assessed internally and worth 30% of the overall grade (60 marks). You are assessed on the final performance of your devised piece and a portfolio of work showing the devising journey. 

  • Component 03 - Presenting and Performing Texts 

This component is assessed by a visiting examiner and worth 30% of the overall grade (60 marks). You are assessed on your final performance of two scripted extracts. 

  • Component 3 – Performance and Response  

This component is assessed externally and worth 40% of the overall grade (80 marks).  This is a written exam comprising of two sections.  

Section A – Eight questions regarding the chosen text (Missing Dan Nolan – Mark Wheeller) (50 marks) 

Section B – One question – written evaluation of a live piece of theatre (30 marks) 

Resources and Examples 

OCR GCSE (9-1) Drama - Student Book 

GCSE Drama - OCR - BBC Bitesize 

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