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Embarking on your First Steps on a Journey to Success

We are very proud of our transition process here at Leeds East Academy, which has been praised by both Ofsted and local primary head teachers. We understand what a big decision parents are making when choosing a secondary school and it is our aim to ensure that our new Year 7 pupils have a seamless transition process. To do this we work closely with our feeder primary schools and have a range of activities and events that run throughout the academic year. Please take a moment to find out more.

 Click here to download the LEA Transition Guide 2022-23

  • Open Evening - Is an opportunity for Year 5 and 6 students to come to the academy with their parents and carers, tour the school, experience learning within different subjects, meet the staff and find out more about us.
  • Intake Evening – This evening is designed to help parents/carers and students prepare for September by providing information on behaviour and uniform policies and expectations for September. There is also the opportunity to purchase uniform and meet key members of staff such as the Year 7 Pastoral Team, Your ‘Guardian’ (Form Tutor) and members of the Senior Leadership Team.
  • Intake Day – All Year 6 students will be invited to attend Leeds East Academy for a day to experience their new secondary environment and be introduced to the structure of a school day. There will be the opportunity to meet other students in your Form group as well key members of staff that will be supporting you throughout your first year.
  • Additional Transition Days – We also hold additional transition days for students who require extra support. These days are designed, but are not exclusive to students who have Special Educations Needs or Disabilities, students who have a heightened sense of anxiety about commencing secondary school and students who require additional support with the new structure and procedures of a secondary school environment. If you/your child feels an additional transition day is required, please contact us.
  • Summer school – A free week of events held in school in the Summer holidays run by our staff which aims to further develop literacy and numeracy, further develop students understanding of the academy’s routines and provide opportunities to make new friends. There are a limited number of places available for this initiative; if you are interested please contact us.

We encourage Year 5 and 6 parents to visit our academy during a school day. This allows you an opportunity to see us in action and gives an insight to our fantastic learning environment.

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We would be delighted to hear from you. For further information, please contact Rebecca Cheetham (cheetham.r@whiteroseacademies.org), KS3 Pastoral Leader or James Rawson, Assistant Principal with responsibility for Transition by phone on 0113 273 1964. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Will I be in a form with my friends from primary school?

We do our best to liaise with primary schools to place students in forms with their friends, however it is not always possible for students to be matched. However, when there are numerous students joining Leeds East Academy from a primary school, we try to ensure students are in a form with a familiar face.

  • Can I use my phone in school?

If a mobile phone is seen or is used anywhere outside of the permitted times and locations it will be confiscated for until the end of the day. Refusal to hand a mobile phone to a member of staff is defiance. This will result in a day in the Reflective Learning Centre (See Behaviour Policy).

  • Can I buy breakfast at school?

Yes, the canteen is open from 8am-8.30am.

  1. How do I buy food at school?

Parents/carers will be given an online account on SQUID to top up students accounts. This means that instead of cash, biometric identification is used. This helps to keep queues moving faster, allowing students more time to eat.

  1. Will I be able to use a locker?

Lockers are available at the cost of £10 deposit for a key. This deposit will be returned on receipt of the key and subject to returning the locker in an appropriate condition. Your child can enquire about a locker at our Student Reception when they commence Leeds East Academy.

  1. What happens if I am late to school?

You will receive a written comment in your planner and be required to serve a detention that day. You must be in the academy by 8.25am.

  1. Who can I go to if I need help?

Your "Guardian" (Form Tutor) will be your first point of contact who you will see every day if you have any concerns. You will also have a team of Pastoral staff who will be there to support you.

If you feel you need more professional help for your mental health and wellbeing we have a counselling service on site that you can access which your "Guardian" will be able to give you more information about.

  1. What is the Student Planner?

Every student will be issued with a timetable and a student planner on their first day in September. The planner is used to record homework, to communicate with parents, to review progress and to record rewards and consequences. We ask all parents to regularly check planners and sign them each week. Students are expected to have their planners with them at all times. The planner also provides key information about the Academy, providing a useful source of information for parents and students.

As the planner is an essential element of the home school partnership the expectation is that it remains graffiti free. If a child is found to have put graffiti on their planner they will need to purchase another at the cost of £5 from the Student Reception.

  1. What are the Core Values?

At the centre of Academy life are 4 LEA Core Values, promoting: Resilience, Integrity, Trust and Ambition.

The 4 LEA Core Values underpin everything we do on a daily basis, ensuring that all students and staff know the role that they have to play in both our school and winder community as a whole.