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In line with our Academy Vision of offering an all-round, broad and enriching curriculum, Leeds East Academy endeavours to provide a holistic and wide variety of extracurricular activities to broaden our pupils’ horizons even further. Our dedicated teachers and support staff understand that the opportunity to take part in extracurricular activities helps pupils develop invaluable skills and talents that are vital for personal develop and that colleges and employers look for. Whether it’s within E1E, extra-curricular clubs, workshops, or trips, there are opportunities for all.

Everyone Exceptional (E1E)

Our Everyone Exceptional programme is a compulsory extracurricular session, delivered at the end of selected days, which provides a broad range of exciting enrichment experiences for our young people.

Key Stage 3

Tuesday & Thursday

For our Key Stage 3 students, our Everyone Exceptional Offer is delivered through 2 strands focused on developing highly ambitious students. The strands are personalised to year group phase to ensure that opportunities appropriately support the personal development of our students as they progress through their journey at Leeds East Academy.


Strand 1

Strand 2

Years 7 & 8


Rotation of PSHCE and Creativity & Innovation

Year 9


Introduction to Options Courses

The first strand, literacy, is integral to our commitment to ensure that all learners leave Leeds East Academy with the skills to be successful. Our literacy programme is key to students’ personal development and consequentially their achievements at GCSE. Within the literacy strand students are provided with opportunity to explore texts of their choice. Through this, students receive explicit teaching on reading to improve vocabulary and knowledge of the wider world, and develop oracy skills through discussion and debate.

Within the PSHCE, Creativity and Innovation strand students rotate around a range of activities and disciplines, to support their personal development alongside expanding their range of experiences. Whilst studying PSHCE, students have the opportunity to demonstrate and develop the values, attitudes and attributes associated with our core values whilst undertaking activities to promote student welfare, wellbeing and relationships. The academy engages with a number of external agencies and professionals to deliver this offer. ‘Creativity and Innovation’ exposes students to a variety of creative and enriching opportunities including STEM, Duke of Edinburgh and Technology.

Year 9 students get the opportunity to experience subject matter from the Key Stage 4 curriculum to support them in making well informed choices as they transition from Key Stage 3 to studying GCSE courses.

In order to offer a wider range of extra-curricular activities, KS3 students have an optional, but widely encouraged period, every Wednesday, to take part in a broad range of activities and clubs. At the start of the academic year, all students take part in a student voice cycle, wherein they express their interests and areas they would like to develop further in an extra-curricular capacity. It is our aim at Leeds East to ensure that we are providing extra-curricular slots and clubs that meet the needs and interests of all of our students to fully enhance their school experience and broaden their horizons outside of the normal school curriculum.

In addition to this, students also have the opportunity to attend break and lunch time activities to further enhance their experiences and socialise with their peers from different year groups and staff members across the academy.

Key Stage 4

Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday

In Key Stage 4 Everyone Exceptional is dedicated to targeted intervention, providing an additional two hours per week for students to receive personalised and targeted support delivered by subject specialists. Using information on student progress and individual areas for development, students are carefully grouped, and specific sessions are planned by Curriculum Leaders to provide a quality provision to ensure that all students are confident in their learning.

Extra Curricular Offers 

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