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Curriculum Intent – Drama   

“If you experiment, you have to fail. By definition, experimenting means going to territory where you’ve never been, where failure is possible. How can you know you’re going to succeed? Having the courage to face the unknown is so important.” - Marina Abramovic 

Powerful Knowledge

Drama at Leeds East Academy will inspire students to be brave, imaginative and independent learners. In addition, Drama is a discipline through which students will intrinsically develop positive behaviour and social skills. They will develop the confidence to communicate through speaking and listening whilst experimenting with ideas. Experimental learning will provide a platform to build upon therefore enhancing subject knowledge and an ever-expanding skill set whilst proving that first time failures can be positive. This will be underpinned by the Advanced Cognitive Performance characteristics (ACPs) and the Values, Attitudes and Attributes (VAAs) of High-Performance Learning. These ACPs and VAAs will support students in embedding their skills, knowledge and understanding of the Performing Arts.

Powerful knowledge in Drama:

  • Skills and Techniques: Devising, script work, and key conventions such as tableaux, choral speaking, thought tracking and ensemble work. Students will use the ACP Linking skills of Generalisation and Connection Finding to apply knowledge of how drama and performances use different styles in similar ways.
  • Performance: Vocal skills, physicality and how to command an audience.
  • Analysis and Evaluation: An ability to recognise key elements and understand what makes a successful piece of drama looking from all perspectives: creator, performer and audience member. Whilst having the foresight to further develop and improve.
  • Literacy and key Vocabulary: Subject specific vocabulary is explicitly taught through the form of ‘Power words’, students are assessed on the spelling and definitions of these words each half term. The use of tier 2 and 3 vocabulary is applied both verbally and in written tasks.

Curriculum Features

The drama curriculum has been designed to encourage and harness the creativity and unique identities of our students at Leeds East Academy; It plays a central role in supporting the creativity strand of the school’s curriculum offer by equipping our learners with the skills, abilities and confidence to enable them to work imaginatively. As well as encouraging them to develop skills in relation to; Curiosity and questioning, risk taking, critical thinking and collaboration. Ensuring our students become strong confident performers, can write and speak like theatre pundits, understand the skills and techniques required to devise unique pieces of drama from a variety of stimuli and have an ability to recognise and apply the style, genre and form of pioneering theatre practitioners; past and present.

The curriculum has been designed so that students will experience a learning adventure. By ensuring lessons are engaging, innovative and challenging, yet accessible for all. Students are encouraged to laugh in every lesson, discover the joy of learning as well as progress, and develop key skills. This is supported through the sequencing of the curriculum which ensures that these skills and concepts are addressed, revisited and interleaved each year to ensure knowledge is retained, skills mastered and built upon, As each time a skill or concept is revisited another more complex layer is added to enhance and create an ambitious offer for our students. 

Students will develop their oracy and literacy skills, through devising scripts, reading, discussions and structured debate. Through performance, they will improve self-confidence required for performance and life after education. We believe that the creative skills taught in performing arts subjects are integral in the development of successful, well-rounded individuals.

Post 16 and career opportunities in The Arts are explored and positively driven throughout our students’ time at LEA both in lessons and through extra-curricular experiences.

Cross Curricular & Wider Experiences

Through a commitment to extra-curricular activities and the academy’s ‘Everyone Exceptional’ programme; students are provided with a plethora of performance opportunities. Each year the academy will host a full scale musical theatre production, allowing students of all age groups and abilities to act, sing and dance in front of a live theatre audience. For our more technical and artistically talented students; roles within the set/costume design arena and stage management are also available. In addition, twice a year the performing arts department also host showcase events, allowing students to perform work of their own creation.  

Furthermore, we offer enrichment opportunities through annual theatre trips, which are available to all students. Ensuring that in Key Stage 4, drama students will experience live theatre at least once a year.

Drama offers a wealth of extra-curricular links, throughout their learning journey. Firstly, to English where students will experience famous writers, their scriptures, and beloved children’s books. To art, where we discover abstract art and sculpture, to music where they will be introduced to a range of genres and how music can impact on a performance or create an atmosphere, immersive 360 degree geographical and historical experiences and finally to PSHCE topics such as; substance abuse, crime and punishment, human rights and e-safety. The department prides itself on the promotion and delivery of diversity and equality, using topical stimuli linked to LGBTQ+, racial discrimination and many more.

For further information regarding the performing arts offer at Leeds East Academy, please contact Ms Rawson-Beanland - rawson-beanland.c@whiteroseacademies.org 

Curriculum Journey - Key Stage 3

Curriculum Journey - Key Stage 3

Curriculum Journey - Key Stage 4

Curriculum Journey - Key Stage 4