Leeds East Academy




We want to make sure you are safe, supported and included in school. To ensure this happened and you have people of your own age who you can talk to about: 

  • Conflict resolution: To you if you have fallen out with your friend or if you are arguing with other students.  
  • Unkind language: If other students are using unkind language or behaviour towards you.  
  • Bullying: If someone is persistently being unkind to you on a regular basis.   

This involves having a one-to-one meeting with one of our trained peer mentors in schools. If you would like this there are two ways to let us know:  

  1. In the student entrance there is a white post box and postcard next to this, please complete the postcard and within three days you will have a meeting with a Peer2Peer mentor.  
  2. Press the button below and fill in the form and you will be contacted within three days to arrange a peer meeting.  

BulliesOut Peer Mentor Form 

The meeting will involve a confidentiality agreement between the mentor and student; however, the Peer Mentor will acknowledge that they may need to pass this information on to a member of staff to ensure all students are kept safe.