Leeds East Academy


BulliesOut Peer2Peer Mentoring 

At Leeds East Academy we want to ensure that every child is safe, supported and included. As part of this drive, we believe students are capable of contributing to this drive and being an activity part of our school community.  We organised for an award-winning organisation to come in and train thirty of our young people as peer mentors.
The training:  ''.....promotes Strength Through Sharing and the training day provided a full programme for young people that include life skills sessions such as active listening skills, communication skills and confidentiality, understanding bullying behaviour and managing conflict, boundaries in mentoring, time management and the importance of diversity.''

Benefits of Peer Support 

Peer Support has many benefits, including:

  • Creates a positive ethos through the whole school community 
  • Helps break down barriers between different year groups 
  • Promotes and encourages friendships 
  • Increased confidence and self-esteem 
  • Increased Mental Well-being 
  • The Peer Mentors gain a sense of accomplishment 
  • Low level behaviour is identified and dealt with before developing further 
  • The Peer Mentors gain valuable, transferrable skills for life 
  • Mentees receive a valuable support network 


The student all received a certificate at the end of the day and will be providing peer support across the academy.

Here is what the students said about the training:  

‘The training was great I feel I can really support other students’. 

‘I am looking forward to being a peer mentor.’ 

‘ I enjoyed activities on the day.’ 

The Peer2Peer mentors are now committed to support any student in school who is having any issue or concerns and needs additional support. They offer one-to-one mentoring for these students. If you want to join as a Peer Mentor see Mrs Simons.  

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