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Year 9 Options Process - Art, Craft & Design 


If you enjoy being creative, want to increase your practical skills and improve your analytical, communication and research abilities Art, Craft and Design is a great choice. The skills you gain make it a great complement to other subjects. Art and design is a way of seeing things and making sense of the world around you. It can help you with further study and prepare you for the world of work. The GCSE is a broad and flexible course that requires students to develop appreciation of the creative process through practical response, using a variety of 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional media, materials, techniques, and processes.

Course Details

Throughout the course you will get the opportunity to focus on one or more of the following areas, Art, Craft and Design, Fine Art, Graphic Communication, Textile Design and Photography. Students are guided through themes but are promoted to select a theme that engages their interest.  Some previous themes students have explored are Marvel, Tropical World, Save the Rainforest and Circus.

At GCSE, learners will:

  • Develop, refine and record your ideas
  • Present a personal response that realises your intentions
  • Improve your creative skills through the effective and safe use of media, materials, techniques, processes and technologies
  • Successfully use visual language and the formal elements eg. colour, line, form, shape, tone, texture
  • Use drawing skills for different needs and purposes

Progression beyond GCSE

You can continue your art and design studies at AS and A-level, where the same titles are available. You’ll also be able to choose areas of study to specialise in within a particular title.

If you don’t want to take your art and design studies any further, the transferable skills you gain will still be valuable. You’ll develop problem solving, creative thinking, investigation, research, communication and teamwork skills, and gain the ability to develop, refine and present ideas. Employers and universities regard all of these highly. 

Where will the course take you?


Art, Craft and Design has a wide range of opportunities later on in life. This route could give students to opportunity to become a professional of the following areas:

Fashion design Graphic design Theatre designer
Animator Video game designer Illustrator
Museum curator Photographer Architecture
Product design Textiles design Ceramics
Advertising Publishing Interior design
Fashion and media journalism Hair and make-up design Retail design
Exhibition design Jewellery design Artist
Visual media Teaching

Course structure and assessment

We offer this GCSE through AQA. The GCSE consists of Component 1 and Component 2. Below is more information about both components.

  • Component 1 Portfolio: produce a sustained project and a selection of further work that represents the course of study. This is worth 60% of your overall marks.
  • Component 2 Externally set assignment: there’s a separate externally set task paper for each title. It features seven tasks and you have to complete one of them. You get preparation time, plus ten hours of supervised time. This is worth 40% of your total marks.

Grading for all artwork is based on the quality of students work and students are marked out of 96 for each component. The 96 marks are built up by students working towards four assessment objectives. Using AQA marking matrix and all students are assessed on having minimal, some, moderate, consistent and exceptional ability.

Student work

Further information

Curriculum Leader: Mrs Waite

Contact e mail address: waite.m@whiteroseacademies.org

Online links to more course information and examples of possible outcomes.

More course information - aqa.org.uk/artanddesign

Art, Craft and Design Grade 9 Example