Leeds East Academy


Ethos and Values

We are determined that every student reaches their full potential and soars to success.

We are committed to:

  • Providing a safe, caring and purposeful learning environment that is at the heart of the local community
  • Developing successful students who contribute fully to the Academy and the wider community
  • Inspiring confident young people with a ‘can do’ attitude
  • Celebrating the principles of high achievement, respect and the inclusion of all students
  • Making rapid improvements in attainment standards
  • Offering innovative and personalised learning opportunities
  • Building on a network of educational and business partnerships
  • Contributing to the regeneration of the local area
  • Becoming the Academy of choice for new students within the local area 

7 LEA Core Values

At the centre of Academy life are 7 LEA Core Values, promoting: Excellence, Punctuality, Ambition, Confidence, Resilience, Positivity and Respect. The 7 LEA Core Values underpin everything we do on a daily basis, ensuring that all students and staff know the role that they have to play in both our school and wider community as a whole.

The 7 LEA Core Values are:

Excellence – we aim to deliver the very best in everything we do, every day.

Punctuality – we have excellent attendance and arrive on time, in the correct uniform and ready to learn every day.
Ambition – we are hardworking and ambitious for ourselves and other in our community.
Confidence – we believe in ourselves and know our strengths.
Resilience – we know that failure is not a sign of weakness and success is found in learning from our mistakes.
Positivity – we are positive thinkers and encourage each other to be the best that we can be.
Respect – we are well behaved and value the opinions of others. We are considerate to all within our learning community.