Leeds East Academy


Women in Science Residential

This month one of our Year 11 students attended the prestigious ‘Women in Science’ 3 day residential at Cambridge University. 

Chamequa was selected of a pool of over 2000 students to attend the event, hosted by Pembroke College. Pembroke College is one of Cambridge’s oldest and most selective colleges and prides itself on attracting students of exceptional talent.

Chamequa is one of our highest attaining Year 11 students, and is predicted Grade 9s in Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Maths and Grade 8s in Citizenship, Drama, English Language, English Literature, Geography, Spanish. She is predicted a Distinction in BTEC Sport.

The 3 day residential is for students in Key Stage 4 and allows the participants the opportunity to live in the college and explore what it could be like to study sciences at Cambridge University. The programme involved science and engineering related tutorials, seminars and hands-on practical activities similar to what real students experience in Higher Education.

Chamequa said “Overall the experience was phenomenal; I got to see different aspects of science from a different perspective – instead of memorising facts you were made to ask questions and answer them through practicals. For example, we learn about supercapacitors and then made them in a lab and tested whether they worked or not. My favourite session was the simplest; we talked about the differences between Physics, Engineering and Maths and what questions each field asks.

I now understand more about university life, applications and the different fields of science. I have ambitions to study Physics and Engineering at a Russell Group university, with a view to work in the field of High-energy nuclear physics.”

Miss Ord, Head of Science, says “Chamequa is an outstanding student with a real flair and passion for the sciences. I am so proud of her for getting onto the residential and her attitude and effort in school. I fully believe that Chamequa will achieve great things in her future.”