Leeds East Academy


The Launch Of Power Week

 Last week, at Leeds East Academy, we held our inaugural Power Week.

This is an initiative launched by the Teaching and Learning Team which sees a week allocated before each set of mock exams during which staff explicitly teach a revision strategy as part of their lessons.

As an Academy we have chosen 4 specific strategies to really hone in on: Look, Cover, Write, Check; Summarising Information; Flash Cards and the more creative RAPS (Raps, Acronyms, Poems and Songs).

We introduced this to the staff body on the first training day back in September and then during the Power Week itself, every teacher picked a strategy to use with each class and weaved it effectively into the learning so that a real focus on retention and recall of content and skills could be achieved. 

Feedback from both staff and students was incredibly positive, especially from our Year 11 students who have just embarked on their final year with us ahead of the GCSEs. Chamequa Rankine said, "It really helped us develop our revision techniques for home revision" and Darin Mohammed contributed that he felt he could now revise with "optimum efficiency!".

We look forward to seeing the impact of all the hard work that has gone with this recently in the outcomes at DC1! 

A huge thank you to all staff for embedding this initiative so beautifully into lessons and to students for knuckling down to get to grips with their revision. Together, we have the power!