Leeds East Academy


The Hara visit Leeds East Academy 

Years 7 and 9 had the treat of watching a performance from the upcoming band ‘The Hara’ on Thursday 31st January 2019.

The Hara were on tour last year and sold out tickets in Manchester, London and Newcastle. They will be touring again this year. The band performed four songs to students and then delivered an important message about the negative affects of social media.

The band explained how social media can have an impact on individuals mental health and self worth. One quote that stood out from the rest was: “Be yourself and be comfortable with who you are”. 

Miss Manners, Assistant Principal,  commented "Students were extremely respectful during the discussion and thoroughly enjoyed the performance. Year 7 in particular enjoyed the performance, they were up out of their seats dancing. 

"At the end of the performance students took pictures with the band and got signed autographs. Watch this space, The Hara could be the next big thing and Leeds East Academy can say they’ve already been to a concert."

Thank you to The Hara for spending time with our students. Good luck on your tour!