Leeds East Academy


Student of the Week

Surpassing Targets with Confidence

Congratulations to Cèlia in Year 10, who is Leeds East Academy’s Student of the Week.

Cèlia is extremely hard-working in all of her English lessons. She always pushes herself and when unsure of something, she does not hesitate to ask for guidance so that she can improve and make progress.

Ms Wood, English Teacher, said: “Cèlia consistently works hard, with focus and pace in lessons and offers complex answers to questions. I am always impressed by her knowledge of subject vocabulary and how she can apply this in her written work. Cèlia has pushed herself in all assessments and has surpassed her target grade for the year.”  

Mr Stokes adds: "Congratulations on your progress, Cèlia. The confidence to ask questions to ensure you have a strong understanding is a very important element of success. I am delighted to hear you are surpassing your targets this year, but don't stop there; keep up your outstanding work to ensure you can realise your ambitions."

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