Leeds East Academy


Resilience Award Winner: Oliver

Year 11 student Oliver has been chosen to be the first student to win the Resilience Award.

Oliver received his framed certificate in assembly for consistently demonstrating a fearless spirit to succeed, despite having to overcome overwhelming obstacles daily.

Presenting the award to Oliver on Monday 10th December, Mr Garner, who oversees alternative off site education at the academy, as well as being one of their Governors; sitting on the accountability board, said: “I am delighted to present this award to Oliver. The amount of nominations he received from staff within the academy was overwhelming and it is clear to see that he is well thought of, and very well deserving of this award”.

Oliver is an asset to Leeds East Academy; demonstrating not only resilience on a daily basis, but also Excellence and Punctuality, Ambition and Confidence, Positivity and Respect. These are the 7 core values of Leeds East, and Oliver demonstrates all of them, effortlessly. 

The award is designed for people who, despite having difficulties in their personal or school lives, still come into school each and every day, determined to succeed, and determined to overcome adversity. These are sometimes difficulties that could make others give up.

Mr Garner said: “The key feature of a Resilience Award winner is that they never do give up. No matter how hard things get, or how overwhelming problems may seem, these difficulties or disadvantages will never be enough to defeat the student’s strength and resilience. I am inspired by Oliver. It is humbling to work within an academy where, on a daily basis, others like Oliver, our future leaders of tomorrow, walk through the school gates every day”.

Mr Garner will be selecting a winner for the Resilience award each week, following receipt of nominations from the staffing body at Leeds East.

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