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Our Exclusive Exercise Books

A Bespoke Resource Exclusive to Leeds East Academy

This year has welcomed the introduction of many new unique resources at Leeds East Academy. One of our most vibrant additions is a range of custom-designed exercise books, crafted by our own subject specialists and specifically catered to support the needs of students.

We spoke to Hadassah in Year 10, who explains why our new exercise books are so popular: "I really like the exercise books because they're unique, no other school has them. They really add a signature look to our school and because of this, we have pride in what we do in our books."

Mr Stokes adds: "I am delighted to introduce our new range of bespoke exercise books this year. The books are just one of several benefits of learning at Leeds East Academy, where we've ensured that our students experience a sophisticated, 21st Century education. Our colourful exercise books support learning with quick reference guides, including extended vocabulary pages, equations, tips for thinking through language and more. Our 7 Core Values are also prominent at the front of the book, buttressing our far-reaching school ethos."

Hadassah describes the impact on written work within the books: "I think it's presented a lot better, it looks a lot neater, especially the way it's spaced out inside. You've got your page numbers, which helps when you need to refer to past work. It's definitely neater, its more organised and it makes me want to take care of my book, because of course, we take our books home with us. It's more like the way you treat your textbooks because they look so neat and different."

Click on the video below to learn more about our exercise books and why students enjoy using them: