Leeds East Academy


LEA Mark-It Place

Whole school ‘Mark-It’ Place CPD took place on Monday 12th November.

Our Mark-It place aimed to combat pupil helplessness through impactful marking.

It is critical for teachers to support, praise and challenge students on all their hard work in books. However, this can take hours of work!

Multiple teachers shared their time-effective strategies to mark books, whilst also ensuring their quick marking is not to the detriment to pupil progress. Strategies included; live marking in lessons, diagnostic marking codes, live class models and EAL marking strategies.

Our EAL marking strategy stand, ran by Andreea Nan, was voted the favourite strategy by teachers. Colleagues commented that it was fantastic to go to a CPD session which cut down their workload, whilst also boosting the progress of our students.

 Since the Mark-It place we have seen multiple members of staff trial more creative marking strategies and commenting on their successes.